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OB International conference 2007

The annual conference of the Observatory on the Balkans was dedicated to the issue of the memory of the wars. During the conference, the documentary film “Circle of memory” has been premièred in Italy.

After World War II we deceived ourselves that ritual commemorations could prevent the repetition of similar tragedies in Europe. The memory of that conflict, however, became one of the tools which paved the way to the wars of the '90s that led to the destruction of Yugoslavia.

Starting from the experience in the Balkans, internationally renowned scholars, journalists, politicians and activists have examined the issue of the memory of the XX century and discussed the extent to which the European integration process can still overcome the danger of war in Europe, after the dramatic failure of the '90s.

With support from the European Commission

Bad Memories

Natasa Kandic [hr-bos.srp]

Mirsad Tokaca [hr-bos.srp]

Vesna Tereslic [hr-bos.srp]

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The schedule of the Observatory on the Balkans' international conference in more details
Introductory paper
Read the Paper introducing the international conference ''Bad memories''

The speakers
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Conference materials
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“Circle of memory” (Krug sjećanja) is the new documentary film directed by Andrea Rossini and produced by the Observatory on the Balkans >>
International screenings
Anticipating the conference, 3 international screenings of the documentary “Circle of memory” were held in Strasbourg (18/10), in Amsterdam (23/10) and in Vienna (2/11)

Observatory on the Balkans, with the support of the European Union and the Autonomous Province of Trento. And... >>

The participants to the conference "Bad memories" are listed below in alphabetical order >>
All those that helped us in implementing the project, making the documentary and organizing the three seminars >>


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